Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery are both types of minimally invasive surgery. This means that instead of a long incision over the abdomen, there are small cuts that are made to insert long operating instruments in the abdominal cavity. Surgery is done with these instruments. Small cuts over the abdomen lead to less pain, faster recovery, and early discharge from the hospital.

robotic surgery

The robotic approach differs from the Laparoscopic – in that the instruments are connected to a robot which is controlled by the surgeon through a console with joysticks. The robotic arms move exactly like the surgeon’s wrist. They can eliminate tremors and unwanted movements. Therefore, the movements are more precise and accurate.

Robotic approach is especially useful in Rectal cancer surgery. The rectum is located deep in the pelvis and is surrounded by important organs like the urinary bladder, prostrate in men, and the uterus and vagina in women. Robotic approach enables the surgeon to separate the rectum with no damage to surrounding structures due to the accuracy and precision of robotic instruments.

This leads to a radical cancer operation without any collateral injury or damage to other organs. Dr. Godbole has got specialised training in Robotic surgery for rectal cancer and specialises in sphincter preservation strategies like an inter-sphincteric resection.

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Dr. Chintamani Godbole

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